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In adapting to a rapidly changing marketplace, telecommunications companies today are helping redefine the way we do business. Key business drivers focus on becoming more customer centric, creating efficient operational synergies that efficiently bundle and deliver innovative products and services while broadening your brand value.

Telecommunications connects you to your family, friends, customers, suppliers – everyone that is important to you. Enterprises of all sizes depend on telecommunications solutions and technology that improve efficiency, collaboration, customer service―and ultimately competitiveness.

Blue Apple can provide the telecommunications solution that is specific to your need. Whether it be a solution that connects your global team for that important meeting or gives you peace of mind staying in touch with your loved ones… we have a solution for you!

Our partnerships with global telecommunications solutions providers like Avaya not only give you access to the latest in technology applications but help position to maximize your opportunities…where ever they may be.

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As a global channel partner Blue Apple is provided with support that will give you access to solutions that can help you sustain and grow your business.


The Services we provide include:


  • Single or Multi jack installation or repair
  • Key System Units (3CX, Nortel, etc.)
  • ADSL modem/access node installation & reconfiguration


    • Multiline Phones (AT&T, Panasonic, etc.)
    • Complete wiring of any residential property (Cat 3,5.6)
    • PABX Equipment (Avaya , Cisco, etc.)
    • Wireless DECT Phones (Panasonic, VTech, etc.)
    • Voice/Data Customer Equipment & Cable Audits


    • Subcontracted Services - Cable & Fiber splicing, data services installations
    • On-island Service Rep for International Service Providers
    • Provide full telecoms services on island for Regional & Global Partners


Blue Apple Featured Solution

CATEGORY: Unified Communications
Video conferencing is no longer the 'next wave' in communications - it's here, NOW and it's here to stay. If you're not taking advantage of it yet, imagine communicating better with your team, vendors and clients. Maybe you already have a solution but are unable to connect with everyone. We have the solution for you!

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