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Security Solutions


The security of your staff, stock, residence and business are key to ensuring your peace of mind. Blue Apple Inc can provide a comprehensive technology solution for your security needs.

From making your web site e-commerce ready to facilitating online payments through your site, we can assist you in building or enhancing your web presence in a way that helps your customers, gives you much needed information on customer online behaviour and preference and help you provide an experience that reinforces the best of your brand.

Blue Apple can provide the telecommunications solution that is specific to your need. Whether it be a solution that connects your global team for that important meeting or gives you peace of mind staying in touch with your loved ones… we have a solution for you!

No business is too small or too large when it comes to providing online solutions that not only work but can give your business the added value in what is a very competitive economic playing field.

So play hard! Be ready for the Web!



The Services we provide include:

  • CCTV Cameras
  • Total IP Solutions


Blue Apple Featured Solution

CATEGORY: Security Cameras
Blue Apple provides several security packages ranging from the home owner to the mult-site business or institution. Our security camera packages can be tailored to fit your unique situation with pricing adjustments as

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