• Consultancy
  • Security Solutions
  • Design & Marketing
  • Web Services
  • Computer & Networking
  • Telecommunications Solutions



Consultancy Consultancy
We provide advice, recommendations and resources in our five areas of expertise. Our focus is on helping you effectively use technology and applications to drive you to the next level of productivity and innovation.

• Technical Support Services: Resourcing Highly-skilled technical personnel to support the customers' outsourcing need

Design & Marketing Design & Marketing

• Branding/Corporate Identity
• Marketing solutions/ Advertising support
• Product & Event design
• Interactive Media
• Brand management & Brand Strategy

Security Services Security Solutions:
• CCTV Cameras
• Total IP Solutions
• Payment processing
• E-commerce solutions

Web Services Web Services
• Domain registration
• E-commerce solutions
• Web site design
• Web hosting
• Online marketing & Web strategy



Telecommunications Solutions Telecommunications Solutions:
• Residential & Business installation & maintenance services
• Sub-contracted services – Cable & Fiber splicing, data services
• Service rep for Local & International Service providers (LIME, Digicel, Netxar, OneSource BT, Avaya, Panduit, etc.)
• Provider of full telecoms services on-island for Local & Global Partners.

Computer & Networking Computer & Networking:

• Local internal Network Structure
• IT Consultation
• Data Circuit design, installation & maintenance
(from ADSL to Metro-E)
• Network switches and routers designed solutions, configurations, and
• Wireless design solutions, configurations, and implementation
• Network security design solutions, configuration, and implementation
• VPN and Remote Access design principles and implementation.
• Network Analysis
• VoIP implementation, QoS implementation
• Computer Repair