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About Blue Apple
Blue Apple Inc. is a global technology, marketing and consulting
services company. It was founded in October of 2010 and is
headquartered in Barbados. Blue Apple currently has two major
business regions, the Caribbean and the USA. In the Caribbean,
Blue Apple has offices in Barbados and St. Lucia, and a partnership in
Grenada. In the US, Blue Apple is based in Orlando, Florida.

We provide customized solutions based on each customer's specific requirements. Our team will
manage the process from initial concept to full installation and provide the required maintenance
services as well.

As a multi-solution provider, we are not bound to any specific vendor or service provider and are willing to work with a single vendor or service provider to multiple vendors and service providers on an integrated solution to ensure the solution is the correct one for the customer.
With a wide range of services on offer, Blue Apple Inc. can provide from one basic service (web, telephone, electrical, etc.) to a fully integrated solution where each technology service interfaces with each other to deliver seamlessly on the customer's requirements.
Our Aim

Provide the solution today that fits the current customer needs, bearing in mind any future requirements and deliver it on time, in budget while maintaining its operation into the future, so the true value of the solution can be realized.

Our Core Values

Our approach is to be open minded and listen to what you the customer want. Based on our knowledge and experience we then offer our recommendations including a preferred option. This allows us to provide you, our customer, the information required to be able make an informed decision.

We take timeframes, commitments and budgets seriously and will be accountable to you for the promises we make. We make every
effort to deliver on all our promises, but if we fail to deliver we will be accountable as well, and will always go the extra mile to ensure
our customers are satisfied. We pride ourselves in the fact that our customers can trust what we say and know that we do say, we
will do. We believe each customer relationship should be based on an openness and honesty and we are always open to feedback
both positive and negative.

Every customer interaction will be based on open and honest communication, with established channels for receiving feedback
and providing robust and timely responses.